Little Black Dress

Well, I am feeling really good this morning. First of all, I got myself out of bed on a Sunday morning and it wasn't very hard. It is getting easier to get out of bed and run - all I have to do is think of myself wearing this cute hat I bought and looking good in it - and secondly thinking how bad I will feel all day knowing I didn't run that morning. I don't want to stop! I hope this feeling lasts forever! The only thing that stinks is my calves are really keeping me from getting the workout I would like to get - but right now I keep thinking "something is better than nothing". I don't know why my legs hurt so badly - it is really frustrating. Today I could only jog a total of 2:15. I don't know if I am crazy (prolly) but I am noticing a decrease in the size of my waist. Can it happen that quickly - I dunno. Oh well, whether true or not it keeps me going thinking about my jeans losing up. I want to get my scales and tape down and see if I have gotten anywhere - but I am not going to let myself until July 16th. I gotta keep that promise. Plus, that too helps me because I want to see those numbers really drop when I do finally measure & weigh. I really hope I can take some inches off before I go on my cruise. I bought a formal dress - long black strappy dress. It looks okay - doable for now. But, if I lost some inches it would look a lot better. I am really thinking about taking some workout clothes and running while on the cruise. If I keep it up by then I know I will have to run - it won't be a question if I want to or not. Gosh, I can't wait to get there - I have always dreamed of being a runner! I really want to be able to do a 5K race within a year - year and half at most. So December 2007 hopefully I will be able to tackle one. Well, I need to shower and get some R&R before my kids wake up.


Spacedoll said...

Hi. Wow, you're doing great. Keep it up. Consistency is the key. I wish I would've started my exercise program "seriously" in January cuz I would've been close to my goal by now. But I suffer from depression and it zaps out all your energy or desire to do anything. I'm pushing myself to get out of that deep dark place and I'm doing great so far. I'm really enjoying kickboxing and my step aerobics. I've added weights to my program too. I'm feeling good. I've made too many excuses, but no more. Well, good luck, I know you can do it. I'll be visiting your blog!

Abi said...

Thanks a lot. I know how depression can be. I am currently on 2 medications for it and I am hoping to get off of them soon. We will see how that goes! Thanks for the support - it is never easy to change! Keep in touch!