Worn Out.

Okay I just got finished with my first run. I was suposed to jog 3 minutes straight - I only got 2 in. I warmed up for 10 minutes walking then I jogged 30 seconds and then walked 30 seconds (repeated). After that I tried to jog my 3 minutes then I warmed down for another 5 minutes. I am sweating like a hog. I think for being so out of shape that I did pretty well. I didn't get up at 6:30 like I was suposed to - instead I got out there at 7am.. not really sure what got me out of bed - I just got up. While I was out there I felt really stupid - I'm huge and trying to run but I keep reminding myself that it will feel akward at first. No runner is a professional their first time. I think deep down that is my real goal - to become a true runner. Now I remember what got me out of bed... thinking of all those things I want to change. See this blog is already helping me out. Well, I am off to shower, weigh & measure!